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Using a Rewards Program with Your Marketing Strategy

Using a rewards program or loyalty program is a great way to attract customers as a part of your internet marketing strategy. They’ve been found to help build customer loyalty and increase sales. These programs show your customers that you care about them and that you value their business. Unfortunately, if you don’t use your

Discover the Key to Creating an Effective Press Release

When it comes to internet marketing, press releases are one of the most effective and easy to use options for increasing exposure. They help you attract attention and drive traffic to your site. Not only do they help you drive traffic, the traffic you get is quality sales leads. As beneficial as a press release

Start Increasing Your E-commerce Conversion Rates in 4 Steps

After you’ve spent money and time to generate traffic, you need conversions. Your conversion rates are instrumental in your success. So, how do you increase the percentage of people that complete the desired action? By targeting the right people and rethinking your existing strategy. Generally, if you’re having trouble converting traffic, there’s a reason behind
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