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Solving Problems – The Key to Understanding What Motivates Your Customers

People usually buy products to solve a problem that they are having: They buy food because they are hungry, they buy an education because they want to advance their career, they buy a car because they want to drive around and/or impress their friends. Presenting a problem is, therefore, the first part of any marketing

Obstacles Are Part of The Process, Enjoy The Journey.

Good Day Journey Crusaders, Today I’m fighting the good fight. Part two of technical issues. Struggling to set up websites, links, Facebook ads, etc. It’s just one of those days, Lol… I feel the hairs on my back rising and my blood pressure skyrocketing. So there goes the saying when it rains it pours. Everything

What is Keeping You from Living the Life that You Want? Is it Fear?

Main questions people ask themselves when starting an online business. What is Keeping You from Living the Life that You Want? Many people ask themselves how is it that certain individuals succeed in accomplishing their goals? What does that person have that I don’t? Are they smarter? Are they more charismatic? Are they more charming?

Generate More Traffic Via Social Media Influencing

Generate More Traffic Via Social Media Influence. Word-of-mouth, 20-50% of all purchasing decisions are made from it. Customers are more likely to respond to endorsements from a person they respect than to advertisements. In the world of digital relationships, word of mouth extends beyond friends and family, and into the realm of influencer marketing. Twitter
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