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Hi, I’m Jennifer Santana and this is my partner Cassandra Chan. I wanted to share a story on our journey to becoming business owners. Check out my partners story on how she got involved in online marketing.
Our Journey began in January 2017. We researched and learned how to get started as entrepreneurs at the beginning of 2017 and by the month of  September we were able to make five figures.
Below is her story and Journey.
I was a dreamer before becoming an Online Entrepreneur and still am. Always wanting to do something big with life, but never knowing what.
I had so many ideas, but I lacked committed to taking action and accomplishing them. In 2007 I attended a University in Florida, to study Criminal Justice.
I Began one major and ended up switching to Sociology with a certificate in Women Studies.
It wasn’t a career I wanted and after 3 and half years of study, I decided to drop out of college.
I moved back to Toronto my home, clueless on what I should do. While in Toronto I served at a restaurant and saved enough money to move back to Florida in 2012.
I continued as a server at the Cheesecake Factory.
Bored with my serving job and tired of working back to back doubles,  I decided to apply for an airline position and became a Flight Attendant a year and half later.
I finally found a career I was looking for.  I always wanted to travel and it was the perfect job for me. See, being a Flight Attendant is great, every flight is a new experience.
Your seniority goes up, the schedule is flexible but the money is not good enough. I was looking for creative ways to make additional income and better my situation.
Always dreaming about starting my own business, since I was so tired of working for others. Then amazingly enough an opportunity presented itself, My partner and I jumped on It right away.
I made a decision to start my Online Business. This time nothing was going to get in my way, not even myself. I was more mature, more committed and clear about my future goals.
I knew I was ready for the change. Everyday I took time to learn how to implement my goals.
Seeing the value and opportunity I was creating for others made my day worth while. My first sale online was $44.10 and the possibilities that I saw from that small sale was beyond my wildest dreams.
Fast track a few months later and I received a nice surprise of 40k, I was blown away.  Having an Online Business means Freedom.
You can travel and work at your business from anywhere in the world, all you need is WIFI connection, a Laptop and commitment.
There is nothing better than doing what you want, when you want, with no boss. You are the boss, you put in the time and you make the rules.
Time and financial Freedom can be real but first you must take action, stay consistent and be persistent.

 As an Online Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer we have the ability to scale our business while traveling.

Never give up.

All you need is a proven system, For more information click the link below.

 “If you put in above average effort, you will get above average results.” Matt Lloyd

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