United – Customer Removed from Flight Aggressively- Lesson in Business

How not to treat your “Customers”

Entrepreneurs and business owners can learn from United Mistake.

 United is getting backlashed at the forceful removal of a passenger because they oversold their flight. Usually the airlines would offer an incentive to passengers when a flight is oversold, there would then be volunteers who would give up their seat for that incentive.  In this case police officers forcefully removed a passenger who hit his head into an armrest and was dragged out of the airplane with blood running down his face. United Airlines CEO responds to the event below. People are outrage by the lack of sympathy that the airline shows.

United Airlines

Lesson for business owners/ Entrepreneurs.

It is not always about saving money but the value and appreciation that you show your customers daily.

What you think is going to save you a “few” dollars in the beginning will eventually cost you thousands maybe even millions of dollars in the future.

Have a bit of empathy and compassion.

Your “customers” are the people who will keep your company going strong. Without them you would be nothing.

Now if you are looking for a SYSTEM that can help you learn valuable information on customer skills I recommend that you watch this video..



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